Electrical & Communication Specialist
Electrical & Communication Specialist

Structured Media Center
Communication for the entire building featuring Leviton products

Structured Media™ enclosures are used to terminate all of the
home-run wires from wall outlets and provide a distribution point
for voice, data and video wiring in a residence or multiple dwelling
unit. These enclosures are ideal for new installations or retrofits.
The Structured Media™ enclosures (SMCs) can be surface-
mounted or recessed by mounting between wall studs (on 16”
centers), using provided wood screws for a clean and
professionally finished appearance.  After installation of the
drywall, during the trim-out stage, the distribution panel(s) and
cover can be installed. Structured Media enclosures make running
cable and managing media both simple and cost effective.  
Designed to provide a central distribution point for all your home
and small office technologies, the enclosure accommodates:
office networking, fax, Internet, DSL and cable modems, multi line
telephones, security cameras, coaxial cable, satellite video
distribution, and more.